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Master wanted me to post one of the stories I've written for you to enjoy. He has asked me to write a certain number of them and I still have a couple to do that I will be posting over the next few days. There are some others on my journal too if you'd be interested in reading - I'll have to friend you for you to have access.


He comes into the bedroom with a carrier bag. He leaves it on the bed and tells me to put it on. He tells me to make myself look pretty and to come downstairs in half an hour because he's having a party with Mummy and some friends. I brush my hair and put it up in pigtails because Daddy always tells me that it makes me look pretty. I run to the bed and pull out a pretty dress with the bag he brought in. Daddy doesn't buy me presents very much and it makes me feel special to have this. The last present he brought me was a few months ago, for my birthday, when I reached ten, which is a big number to be. I put he dress on and look at myself in the mirror. I twirl around and feel like a princess.

I stay in my bedroom like a good girl. Mummy and daddy have always taught me to be a good girl and stay in my bedroom to play with my toys until I'm told to come out. They say that the best children are always seen and not heard and I like to stay out of their way because I want to be a good girl for them. I'm always quiet and polite and I try to be nice to everyone. When I am a bad girl, Daddy gets very angry and doesn't talk to me and I hate that because I love my Daddy very much so now I make sure that I am perfect for him and do everything that he says so that he can be pleased that I am his little girl.

Half an hour later, Daddy calls me downstairs and I quickly run downstairs. When he sees me he smiles and I feel my heart get faster because he has a nice smile and then I run down the stairs. He rubs the top of my head and tells me that I look beautiful. I grin up at him and he holds my hand. And then he walks me into the living room. In the living room are a lot of people. Not a lot of peple but some people. Some people that I know my Daddy is friends with. Mummy is there too. Daddy never lets me speak to these friends because he says they have important things to talk about and tells me to go to my bedroom when they come round to the house. They are sitting though and not watching the television or talking and I don't think it's a very good party.

But they smile when I go into the room and I feel happy that they are pleased I am there. When we walk in, Mummy reaches her hand and pulls me to sit onto her lap. Daddy says that we're going to play a game. I am excited because grown ups always do the fun games. Daddy says that we're going to play a game where I have to tell someone to do something. He says I have to go from one person to the other person and the first person will tell me what to tell the next person to do. I don't really understand but if Daddy says it will be fun then I know it will be fun. So Daddy first tells me to go and ask one of his friends to give me a present and so I go to his friend and tell him to give me a present. He pulls a bag of sweets out of his pocket and I think that maybe this will be a good game. Then the man tells me to go to a lady across the room and tells me to tell her to stand on her head and anything that comes out of her pocket I can keep. When she stands on her head, money falls out of her pocket and I feel rude to pick it up so Daddy comes across from the room, and picks it up to give it to me.

Now I have sweets and some money and this must be the best game. The lady then tells me to go to Daddy and tell him to do a funny pose. And I'm not shy of Daddy so I do it and when he stands funny, I laugh because he looks silly. Then Mummy says that Daddy would look even funnier if he didn't have trousers on, and this makes me blush because I don't want to see Daddy without trousers on because then I will see his secret place. I hesitate but Mummy starts to do it herself and reaches for my hand and pulls the trousers down with my hand so that I look like I'm doing it but I'm not. Daddy has boxers on and I am relieved. I am surprised that Daddy is letting these people see his underwear.

Then Daddy tells me to go and tell his other friends to show their underwear too and this makes me really shy but I want to please Daddy so I do it. So, they take their trousers off too. Then one of Daddy's friends tells me to tell Mummy to kiss Daddy on his private place and I tell Mummy and I don't understand but she gets on her knees infront of Daddy and pulls down his boxers and I see Daddy's naughty place and then Mummy kisses it. And I feel uncomfortable. I feel like everyone is watching me. Mummy kisses Daddy's naughty place and then puts it in her mouth and this makes Daddy's breathing change and he starts to make noises and he is looking at me and I feel like I should smile at him but I don't because I am very worried about what's happening and I don't understand. Then Mummy says that I should try it and a lady friend of Daddy's agrees and everyone is looking at me. I don't want to embarrass Daddy by being a bad girl so I sit like Mummy was sitting and try to do what I saw her doing. But his naughty place is very big in my mouth and I can't make it go as far into my mouth as Mummy could. Daddy is watching me and stroking my hair and telling me that I'm a good girl. Mummy tells me how to make it better for Daddy and I listen to what she says and do everything she says; like going faster and holding and rubbing Daddy's naughty place as I suck on it for him.

Mummy starts saying that I am sucking Daddy's naughty place very well. But she calls it a cock and I've never heard it called it that before. Sometimes when Daddy showed it to me before he just said it was a naughty place and said I have a naughty place too and that no one but Mummy and Daddy are allowed to touch me there. Not unless he says it's okay. And so I don't understand why he would want all of these people to see it. And I don't know why they're saying it is different names. Then Mummy holds my head and tells me that she will help me make it better for Daddy and she pushes my head down so that his cock goes into my throat and I pull my mouth away because it tickles and makes me cough but Mummy says that if I can make Daddy finish then he will be happy. I don't understand what that means. But I do it anyway and eventually Daddy makes something warm go into my mouth but when he's doing it I have to put his cock very far into my mouth so that it makes me cough a bit and my eyes start crying a little bit too. But Daddy his happy and that's when I realise that the other people in the room are doing other naughty things too. Some of the men are holding their cocks in their hands and moving their hands up and down and some of the ladies are doing what I did to Daddy to other men and Mummy is touching herself on her naughty place. It looks different to mine but Daddy says that girls are all the same. I don't think they look the same as mine.

Daddy says that what Mummy is doing is making her feel really good. He asks me if I want to feel really good and makes me sit on his lap. He pulls my panties down to my ankles and puts his hand between my legs to touch my naughty place too. And he starts to move his hand up and down and it does feel good. He asks me if it feels nice and I say it does, so he does it faster and then stops. I can see everyone looking at me and think it must be okay for them to see me like this. He seems to be looking for something and then he starts to push at something in my private place and it hurts and I squirm a bit but he says it's okay, and it'll feel good. So, I let him and he pushes more with his finger and then moves it back out again and he says that I am a very wet little girl and that seems like a good thing. It does feel good and as Daddy touches me more and more, it starts to feel better until I start to feel really good and I can't think very straight and I feel like something is about to burst out of me. It makes me feel like I'm going to explode and sounds are coming out of my mouth that I'm not thinking about making and my body is moving and I'm not telling it to. And then I freeze and my body does explode and I want to cry because it feels so good and Daddy smiles down and kisses me on my forehead. He tells me that I am a very, very good girl and then he tells me to put my panties on. I do like he says for me to do and then he picks me up and takes me upstairs.

When we are in Mummy and Daddy's bedroom, he undoes my dress and my pigtails and brushes my hair so that it doesn't get tangled during my sleeping. When he takes my dress off, he puts my panties off too and then he kisses me on my forehead again. He kisses my lips too. It is an grown up kiss and not how he usually kisses me. He puts his hand inbetween my legs again and says that I am very pretty. He lifts me up and lies me down on the bed. He kisses me on my naughty place and tells me that I am going to be a very good girl now. And then he says for me to go to sleep so go to leave the room to get my night dress but he says not to put it on. He says I am a big girl now and that big girls don't wear night clothes to bed. I am sad about this a little bit because I like my night dress. But I do want to be a big girl for Daddy. I lie in the bed and it is very big. I don't know why I am allowed to sleep here. He tucks me into bed and I cuddle with my teddy bear. He passes me my pacifier that I am too old to have and he never lets me have it outside of my bedroom when I am sleeping because he says that I am silly for keeping it but he must think I am very good because he lets me have it tonight and then tucks me in. When he gets up and goes downstairs, he tells me that he will come to bed soon. I ask where Mummy will sleep and he says that maybe she will come and share with us but maybe she can sleep in my bedroom instead now so that we can sleep and have a cuddle.
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