silver_goldrush (silver_goldrush) wrote in grossroleplay,

Smut RP (18+) Using Skype, or other IM platforms. <3

Hi! I am looking for smut-based roleplays, short-term or long-term Roleplays. Using SKYPE, but will consider other IM platforms.

-Must be 18 or older
-Female partner only
-For you to be very dirty-minded. <3

My likes:
-Lots of smut
-Public stuff
-Dirty/foul/provocative language
-And generally most things hardcore & softcore
-(I don't mind taboo at all)
-I like to...push the boundaries a bit.

-Scat, urination, blood, etc.

I like story, but it should serve as a buildup to the rewarding part that is: the smutty stuff. Or we could go all-out smut, I'm pretty easy with that as well.

Pairings I had in mind, but we can mix/combine things to suit our taste:
-Priest/monk & seductive girl
-Single parent & next-door student
-Taxi driver & passenger
-Stalker & married female
-Hitchhiker & mysterious driver
-Any ideas yourself? <3

When am I available? Due to possible timezone differences(Live in west-Europe, think UK type hours), chances are that I may not be on during the day, but highly likely during the evening/night hours.

Skype ID:

Well, then... Shall we have some fun? ;3
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